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Who I am

I like to say I was "born on the pew" - straight into a pastor's family.  However, that didn't automatically mean that I was going to decide to follow Jesus.

There are several points in my life that I decided to "follow" Jesus, yet those decisions were followed by hurt, sin, and a lack of repentance.  It wasn't until I started to pursue missions as a calling that I made the decision to genuinely change the way I was living.

Having the opportunity to serve, fight for, and love the underprivileged and lost changed my heart. It gave me compassion, love, and broke my heart all at the same time.

However, the biggest impact it had was making me passionate about living/sharing Christ with every action I take.  That doesn't mean I am always successful at this: I will still sin and hurt at times. 

But it does mean that I have made the decision to be radical in every day of my life.  In the way I talk, act, interact, and live - I will be radical.  That's the purpose of this site: to share what the Lord is teaching and challenging me in, and to share what I believe the Lord is calling the Church to.

Will you be radical with me?

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